The easiest way to plan with your friends.

Plan get togethers, brunch, study sessions,
your next date, you name it!

Planmesh - The easiest way to plan with friends | Product Hunt
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Suggest Activities or Places to Go

With Planmesh, you can let your friends know what you want to do and where you should get together.


Avoid Group Texts

Pick a date and a time that works for you and your friends while Planmesh does the rest.


Decide on the Game Plan

Simplify planning and find the best time, activity or location by having your friends select the most popular option using our polls.


Streamline the Chatter

We offer in-app chat experiences for you to plan out your group events or chat one-on-one with a friend.


About Planmesh

Studies show that good social relationships are the best sign of a happy life. Yet people are spending less and less time actually connecting with others. Less time is spent hanging out with friends and real-world interaction has been replaced with texting, messaging and other forms of communication.

We’d like to change that. We believe that social media can help foster stronger relationships by making it easier to do the things you like to do with the people you care about.